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my hero英语作文

钱学森 My hero Qian Xuesen, one of the most famous scientists in China, is the hero in my heart. He has the greatest intelligence in the world. When he was young, he

hero My father!He has not much money,works hard day and day. He has not much time,but he can make my families always feel happy. He talks seldom,but once my

My Hero I think lots of students like the pop singer named Jay. I also like him very much. When he released his first album, I started to buy his album. And I never miss any

My hero Lei Feng Lei Feng was a model soldier, On December 1 8,1940, he was born in a poor peasant family in a little mountain village of Hunan Province. He didn't go to

Everyone's heart have a hero,maybe a person who save the people,maybe a animal but I really know,he was a hero in my heart.I looked up upon him.and I will do all things I

My Hero My hero she is, and she loves me, as all other mothers would their children. I remember the time when I was struck on my bed by severe illness, and she used to pick

The hero in my heart is Kim . He is the member of the largest boy group in AsiaSuper Junior. He was born in June 21st,1987. He is very good at singing. He won the

Lu Xun is my favourite writer. He is one of the most famous writers in China. He wrote a lot of literary works. He was thin and not tall. He always wore a long old coat in that

My hero is Liuxiang.He is a hurdle race player. He was born in 1984.He is 22-year-old player.He is good at hurdle race and running very quickly.He is friendly to his trainer and

He is not tall ,not handsome ,two small eyes and a piece of pity mouth in his face. He is so common in persons that I can not find him.He is a nobody to others but in my eyes, | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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